Maternity Photoshooting in Zürich

So you got the big news! You are pregnant and exciting new experiences are waiting for you on your new journey.
A new being soon comes to this world and you have to prepare everything as best as you can for your baby.

While the main focus during your pregnancy is to prepare for your baby, it is also important to cherish that time in spite of all the difficulties it brings ( back ache, mood swings and all that..) And what better way can be than having professional maternity photos during your pregnancy to show them in the future to your child!

Deniz Leu, Schwangerschaftsfotografin, Zürich

3 März 2021

Babybelly Photoshooting in Zürich

Although my website is babyfotografie-zuerich, I offer also maternity photo sessions in Zürich as you have probably already seen in my maternity photo gallery. I offer maternity photoshoots in my studio in Zürich or outdoors in the forest very close to my studio.

My studio is equipped with a lot of maternity dresses and background options for your beautiful baby belly photos.

Asthetic of Maternity Photos

There is totally a different kind of asthetic in your body at that time and in my opinion a maternity photo session is to celebrate that beauty and cherish the beautiful portraits for life.

In my maternity photo sessions I use gorgeuos maternity dresses which are specially tailored for prehnancy photoshootings. You can think of those dresses like a wedding dress that is worn only once and remembered forever.

Babybauch Foto – Zürich

Foto von Deniz Leu, Schwangerschaftsfotografin Zürich

The beauty of the baby belly

Of course you may think why you should have a maternity photo session while you can easily make photos with tyour high tech phone. It is pretty clear that those phones can really make beautiful photos. But the art of posing, special lights and special dresses that are meant to emphasize the beauty of the baby belly are the points to be considered if you want to have wonderful maternity photos.

Enjoy that special time of your life and celebrate your maternal beauty instead!


Es wird bequem und unkompliziert sein!

Lass mich dein Fotoshooting planen!


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